New packages

The thread offer on small “snap” windings changes the form of packages. This change is mainly motivated by environmental and esthetic considerations. Environmental protection, as an essential element of the present world, becomes a constant part of the production and packing processes in Ariadna. That is why we are departing from plastic boxes – ziplock bags – as the packages of 5 pieces of threads on small windings and changing them into a carton box. Elegant graphics, clear printed information and the ability to suspect colour without opening the box, guarantee an aesthetic and well-arranged position on the displays.

We still have plastic packages on our warehouse. That’s why it is possible that you will get threads in mixed packages. It is a transitional phase, which will not take a long time. In future all threads on “snaps” will be packed in the carton boxes.

At the same time we would like to inform you, that we’ve also changed the graphic of our packages for Talia 120/500m. They will have printed information instead of sticky label.