The best pair for a thread is a needle, which is why in addition to the threads manufactured by ARIADNA, we offer high-quality SCHMETZ needles.
Needles in the ARIADNA offer are the next step to the most comprehensive customer service. Synchronic purchases of threads and needles save time and money. In addition to the sets of specially selected needles, we also offer professional advice in the selection of needles and optimal technical service.

- needles for industrial machines in more than 70 systems, in the optimal thickness range,
- 39 types of household machine needles, available separately in blister pack or in the set with display.

In addition to the needles available in the current ARIADNA offer, you can also order other SCHMETZ needles, the company has about 6,000 needle systems.

Changes in the world economy associated with the pandemic has caused the household needles manufacturer Schmetz has temporary problems in keeping deliveries of certain types of needles on time. Due to the small stock of these needles in ARIADNA warehouse, it was decided temporarily to replace Schmetz needles but produced under the TEXI brand.
We want to ensure that TEXI needles are also manufactured by Schmetz.
TEXI-branded needles will be sold at the same prices and index as their Schmetz equivalents.
Below is a list containing the equivalent TEXI and Schmetz needles.