ARTYN – this core spun polyester thread has very high tensile strength and is suitable for every type of stitch and seam. All available colours have excellent fastness to light, washing and chemical treatment.

All the parameters of ARTYN are up to the European standard EN 12590:1999

ARTYN has very good sewability on every machine and is recommended for swing of:

ARTYN 150 - underwear, fine clothes, curtain;

ARTYN 120 - light ladies`, mens and children’s garments, blouses, shirts, sportswear, and underwear;

ARTYN 80E - women, men and children’s garments, sportwear, medium-weight fabrics, protective and work clothing, camping articles as well as for needle and looper thread for button-holes;

ARTYN 50E - heavy-weight fabrics, leather clothing, camping articles, shoes, industrial gloves, decorative seams on jeans, bath-room rugs;

ARTYN 40 - car and furniture upholstery, heavy-weight fabrics, leather clothing, fancy leather goods, jeanswear and jeans articles, camping articles;

ARTYN 30 - car and furniture upholstery, heavy-weight fabrics, jeans articles, leather articles, tents.




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